Leadership Promotion Scheme


At the end of 3 years, the company will give an opportunity to the team members in which they will manage the entire farm and the company will give 2% incentive to them from that profit.

After completing 3 years each member can choose to avail the above benefits.


After 3 years, if a member of the team wants to start his own integrated farming business, then he can also take the franchise of the company. The company will support the franchisee in getting the loan to be given by the bank and the subsidy prescribed by the government, so that they do not face any problem in running the farm successfully. The company will provide high quality self-made fish seeds, fish meal etc. at a price below market price to the franchisees, in addition, sending team from time to time for inspection on each farm so that our partners do not face any kind of trouble and they can run their business successfully.


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