The Global Fisheries franchise is a boon for those who have big dreams and want to do something big in life. Today there are many people who want to do their own business, but people are scared to see the cost of starting a new business and the condition of today’s market and its risks. Global Fisheries has come up with an attractive plan as a franchise for people who will have higher profits with lower costs and minimal risk. Fish farming is a business whose market is never dull, but in the last several years, there has been a continuous increase in the demand for fish.Full details of each farm will be available in the company’s software. How many fish are in which pond of which farm, how much fish feed is left in which farm, when food was given to the fish, when the water of the pond was last tested, when the fish was tested, etc. These and many other details of the activities of the farm will remain with The company in a certain way. It will be the endeavor of the company that every person associated with the company should get full benefits.
The company also has a mobile application which will make this task even easier. If the franchisee encounters any kind of problem, he can solve it using the mobile application or contact the company directly. So that the problem will be solved in time and they will be able to avoid loss.


Benefits of franchise

  1. An established business:- A franchisor offers the advantage of operating under the banner of an already established business. The ideas, the brand, the operating techniques and much more are already tried and tested and in place ready to be implemented again and again at a new location as each franchisee takes up the mantle.
  2. A Known Brand:- Operating under the banner of a franchise allows a franchisee to take advantage of the previously established brand of the business. This means there will (in theory) be far less work (and cost) involved in trying to establish and build on the brand of the business. It will already be known and trusted by the market and therefore should produced a steady stream of brand-loyal customers. Adopting a franchise means the advantage of the franchises trademark and the benefits of a registered trademark.
  3. Business Relationships:-The franchisee can also take advantage of the numerous business relationships already established by the franchisor. In all likelihood, relationships with suppliers (and perhaps distributors) will already be in place and easy to manage. The advantages of already established relationships with advertisers and marketing teams may also be of benefit to the new business start-up.
  4. Support and Security:- Franchises offer the advantage of a support and security system. Often franchisors will offer training schemes and support with things like the management of accounts, sales, advertising and more. These sorts of things may well be included in the price of the franchise fee.
  5. Less Likely To Fail:- The old myth is that 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years – this (false) point is often championed by franchisors who are trying to encourage new people into their network. The security offered by the franchise can give the impression that the business will be less likely to fail.
  6. Capital:- The most common barrier to expansion faced by today’s small businesses is lack of access to capital. Franchising, as an alternative form of capital acquisition, offers some advantages. The primary reason most entrepreneurs turn to franchising is that it allows them to expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity.
  7. No business knowledge required:- You may not have knowledge of this business but our franchise business will run successfully. We will train production and detail management to franchisee.
  8. Ideal use of time and money:-The best use of franchise's time and money will be with global fisheries. This type of system has been created by the company through which more profit can be achieved.
  9. Help to build infrastructure:- The company has been successfully operating integrated farming for the last several years. Hence, the company will provide its franchisees with the necessary information for the infrastructure, which will help in setting up the farm.
  10. Freedom from mental stress:- Most businesses live under stress due to market uncertainties. But there is no need for our franchise to take mental stress. The details of each farm will be present in the company's software. Which will solve it before any kind of problem comes.

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