What is Biofloc ?


Biofloc is a new method of fish farming which fish are raised in tanks. In Biofloc technique, the cost of constructing a tank depends on the size of the tank. The larger the size of the tank, the better the growth of the fish and the better the income.

Biofloc technology will be explained as an innovative and cheap technology designed to boost fish production in an exceedingly controlled setting. This technique converts harmful materials as well as ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate into a helpful product referred to as supermolecule feed. Once there are water issues beneath high fish stocking density ponds or tanks, this is often the foremost economical technology to be enforced for maintaining top quality, productivity, biosecurity, and sustainability. This technique is incredibly distinctive and doesn’t need water modification. This merely means biofloc technology will be a perfect variety for sustainability and environmentally friendly cultivation.

Difference in Pond and Biofloc Techniques

Intensive fish farming cannot be done in the pond because if more fish are added, the ammonia of the pond will increase, the pond will become dirty and the fish will die. Fish farmers have to monitor the pond as the snakes and the birds eat the fish, while the bio-flock tanks are covered with shed. Fish do not die due to this and the farmer is also not harmed.

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Advantages Of Biofloc


Biofloc is an eco-friendly culture system.

The flocs themselves are protein-rich and supply an honest source of vitamins and phosphorus.

Cost-effective feed production.

Reduction of sensitivity to sunlight fluctuations.

Biofloc enhances survival rate, growth performance and feed conversion.

Biofloc technology can decrease mortality rates, increase larva growth and improve growth rates.

The key advantage of biofloc technology lies in its improved use of water and land.

Since the biofloc system relies on a limited (or near zero) water exchange, the environmental impact of production is low.

The reduced water inputs decrease pollution and permit for greater biosecurity during production.

Farmers have also reported greater productivity with the biofloc system in comparison to standard aquaculture techniques.

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