What is Buffalo Farming ?


Buffalo farming means raising buffaloes commercially for milk and other purposes. It’s a part of agriculture or animal husbandry.

Important things for Starting Buffalo Farming 

Selection of Breed 

Consider your local weather, facilities and investment amount while selecting breeds for buffalo farming business. Some famous buffalo breeds are Murrah, Surti, Jafarabadi, Nili-Ravi, Pandharpuri, Nagpuri and Bhadawari etc.

Housing facility for Buffaloes

A good space not only provides the buffaloes a good shelter, but also keeps them safe from adverse weather conditions and wild animals or other predators. Amount of space depends on the size of the buffalo. 

Feeding facility for Buffaloes

Feeding good quality nutritious food with green fodder and an adequate amount of clean and fresh water is the most important part of buffalo farming. 


Buffaloes will breed easily if you keep a good ratio of males and females. You can also consider artificial insemination for breeding.


Select a calm and clean place for milking your buffaloes. You can milk either by machine or by hand depending on the size of your buffalo.

Caring & Other Management

Vaccination is mandatory to keep buffaloes free from all kinds of diseases. Always keep stock of essential medicines and keep in touch with the vet. Keep the buffalo habitat clean and bathe them regularly.


You should set your marketing strategies before starting this business. You can contact any company or sell in your local market.

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Advantages Of Buffalo Farming

  • Demand for milk and milk products will never decrease so you will sell your product regularly.
  • Marketing milk and milk products is very easy. You will be able to easily sell the products in the local market.
  • It’s an Eco-friendly business and will not pollute the environment.
  • You can start either on a small scale or large scale business depending on your budget and other facilities.
  • If you start small scale production, then you can utilize your family labor.
  • It can be a great income and employment source for the educated unemployed young people.
  • Numerous breeds of buffalo are available to choose. You can choose any depending on the availability in your area.
  • Milk production businesses require high investment. And you can apply for a bank loan if you have a good business plan.
  • Milk is very nutritious, and consuming milk regularly has many advantages. And you can enjoy fresh milk if you start your own buffalo farming business.

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