What is Chicken Farming?


Chicken farming can be defined as the practice of raising chickens for the purpose of meat, and eggs. The chickens cultivated for meat are called broilers and Chickens that are raised for their eggs are called laying hens or layers. Chickens are the most common bird raised for both meat and eggs. Some special breeds of poultry are raised for shows and competitions.

Techniques of Poultry Farming

Indoor Poultry Farming

In this technique, Chickens are kept in around 12 to 14 per square metre space. They live in a richer environment with natural light and straw bales that encourage foraging and perching.

Free-range Poultry Farming

In free-range systems the chickens are given continuous access to an outdoor range during the daytime. In some farms the manure can be used to benefit crops. In Free range poultry farming there is little control over the food which can lead to irregular production.

Intensive Poultry farming

In intensive chicken farming, chickens are typically housed in rows of cages. Environmental conditions are automatically controlled including light duration which increases the chances to lay eggs all year round. Broilers are raised indoors in climate control housing on wood shavings or rice hulls. Poultry producers routinely use approved drugs such as use of antibiotics in feed or drinking water to treat the disease or prevent disease outbreaks arising from congested or asymptomatic conditions.

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Benefits of Chicken Farming

  1. Less Capital Required
  2. No Need for a Big Space
  3. High Returns in Short Time 
  4. High Maintenance not required
  5. License not Compulsory
  6. Huge Global Demand
  7. Easy Marketing
  8. Income & Employment Opportunities
  9. Easy Bank Loans

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