What is Cold Storage Unit ?


Cold storage is a large refrigerated room or building designed for storage of goods in an environment below the outdoor temperature. Products needing refrigeration include fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat. Cold stores are often located near shipping ports used for import/export of produce.

Based on the storage conditions, cold storages may be classified into three categories:

  • i) Short-term or temporary storage – Short-term or temporary storage is usually associated with retail establishments such as supermarkets, where rapid turnover of the product is normally expected. Depending upon the product the storage period may vary from 1 to 15 days.
  • ii) Long-term Storage – Long-term storage is usually associated with large-scale cold storages. The storage period again depends upon the type of product and also the condition of the product at which it is brought into the cold storage. This period may be as short as 7 to 10 days for sensitive products such as ripe tomatoes and as long as 6 to 8 months for products such as onions and potatoes.
  • iii) Frozen storage – Using frozen storage, most of the food products can be stored for considerably longer periods, sometimes as high as a few years. However, certain fresh products such as tomatoes cannot be stored under frozen conditions. The storage temperatures for frozen foods typically lie between -23 degree to -12 degree celsius, with -18 degree celsius being the most frequently employed storage temperature.

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Benefit of Cold Storage Unit ?

  • Prevents damaging of products
  • Generates employment
  • Management of a cold storage requires skilled employees. All such warehouses have dedicated teams that manage stock, check the products and take care of the environmental conditions. Hence, it is a great way of generating employment opportunities for many people.
  • Increases efficiency
  • Imagine if every company had its own cold storage warehouse – such centers would consume a lot of space and money. Instead, the present kind of third-party cold storage warehouse costs less, saving time and money for manufacturers.
  • Makes logistics supply chain easy
  • Logistics supply chain is the whole process of delivering manufactured goods to the end consumer. It consists of a lot of steps such as manufacturing, transportation etc. Warehousing is a part of this chain and streamlines the whole process. The cold storage warehouse acts as a small substation by providing short-term storage of goods.

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