What is Cow Farming ?


Cow farming means ‘raising highly milk productive cows commercially for milk and other purposes’. It’s a part of agriculture or animal husbandry. 

Important things for Starting Cow Farming 

Selection of Breed

Consider your local weather, facilities and investment amount while selecting breeds for cow farming business. Some famous cow breeds are Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Ayrshire, Holstein, Jersey etc.

Housing facility for cows

For keeping cows healthy, productive and disease free good shelter is very important. Provide required space depending on the size of cows.

Feeding facility for Cows

Feeding good quality nutritious food with green fodder and an adequate amount of clean and fresh water is the most important part of cow farming. 


Dairy animals will breed easily if you keep a good ratio of males and females in your flock. You can also consider artificial insemination for breeding.

Caring & Other Management

Vaccination is mandatory to keep cows free from all kinds of diseases. Always keep stock of essential medicines and keep in touch with the vet. Keep the cow habitat clean and bathe them regularly.


Select a calm and clean place for milking your cows. You can milk either by machine or by hand depending on the size of your cow.


Set your marketing strategies before starting this business. You can contact any company or sell your product in the local market.

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Advantages Of Cow Farming

  • Dairy industry is one of the best business sectors all over the world.
  • Demands of milk will never reduce, it will increase gradually in accordance with current population growth. Even both vegetarians and non-vegetarians drink milk.
  • You don’t have to worry about marketing the products. Because it is among the traditional business and you will be able to sell your production easily.
  • Cow farming doesn’t pollute the environment, it’s eco-friendly.
  • You can start dairy farming by using your family labor. It’s a good idea to properly utilize your family labor.
  • Proper business plan, good care and management can ensure maximum profits. It can be a great source of income and employment for the unemployed educated young.
  • There are numerous cow breeds available throughout the world. You can choose any breed depending on your area and business purpose.
  • Cow farming business requires high capital or investment. If you don’t have enough money for investing, then you can apply for bank loans. 
  • Along with profits, you can ensure nutrition for your family members through setting up cow farming business.
  • Cow’s other products such as dung and urine are also very useful. Cow’s urine is also used by many ayurvedic companies to make other products.

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