What is Duck Farming?


Domestic ducks are ducks that are farmed for meat and eggs. Many ducks are also kept for show, as pets, or for their ornamental value. Duck farming is a part of poultry farming. However, there is a difference between duck farming and poultry farming especially in habits and habitat. Ducks can be raised for both meat and eggs. In most parts of the world, duck is just below to chicken in terms of egg and meat production. Commercial duck farming is increasing day by day as this business has good potential to earn money. Ducks are harder birds than chickens and can easily adopt adverse climatic conditions. These hard birds can also survive in regions where no other agricultural crops can be grown and other livestock cannot be raised. Duck farming business is a very lucrative and profitable business as there are many duck breeds available around the world. For commercial duck egg production and breeding, you must have a water source. Ducks can survive without water, however, they need the water pond kind thing for egg laying and mating. You must build a water pond for commercial duck farming. 

Duck Farming Systems

  1. Backyard system: Under the Backyard system bamboo baskets are used for egg collection and after that the ducks are allowed to feed on an open field and play around any water source.
  2. Extensive system: In an extensive system, duck eggs are collected in the early morning time, then ducks are allowed to go outdoor feedings in paddy fields or water sources.
  3. Stall-fed system: In Stall-fed system, ducks are fed standard rations during daytime and given access to water sources.

Duck breeds for Commercial Duck Farming

    1. Duck breeds for egg production
    • i) White and Grayish Indian runner ducks
    • ii) Khaki Campbell ducks 
    • iii) Indian runner ducks 
    1. Duck Breeds for Meat Production
    • i) Aylesbury ducks
    • ii) Ruel Kagua ducks 
    • iii) Peking ducks
    • iv) Muscovy ducks
    • v) Sweden ducks 
    1. Ducks breed for both Meat and Eggs
    • i) Khaki Campbell ducks

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Benefits of Duck Farming

  1. Duck meat is tastier than chickens and liked by the people.
  2. Ducks do not need elaborate housing and are easily trained to manage themselves.
  3. Ducks are good predators of insect pests, kill snails, slugs and other crop pests.
  4. They require less care and attention compared to other birds.
  5. They are suitable for integrated farming systems such as duck-cum-fish farming, duck- cum-fish farming etc.
  6. Ducks flourish well in marshy and wetland where most other domestic animals cannot survive.
  7. Ducks are free from cannibalism and other objectionable tendencies as they are less hazardous birds.
  8. Ducks lay on an average 40-50 more eggs than the layers of hen.
  9. Duck’s eggs are about 15 to 20 grams heavier and fetch a better price.
  10. Ducks lay their eggs before 9:00 am and hence egg collection is easy for the keeper.
  11. Ducks have a longer egg-production life than chickens.
  12. Ducks usually live longer than chickens.
  13. They are resistant to a number of avian diseases that are usually found among chickens.
  14. Ducklings become sexually mature earlier compared to chicks.

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