What is Hydroponics ?


Hydroponic System may be a system of growing crops without soil, typically referred to as soilless farming. Farming may be a direction to growing crops directly in nutrient-rich water. The liquid nutrient may be a mixture of essential plant nutrients within the water.

The plant roots can be expanded either within the static liquid resolution or in a very unceasingly flowing nutrient mixture. The Aquicultural system needs continuous attention to the crops, in contrast to the normal farming system.

The most foundational components of any aquicultural system. 

  1. Fresh water – Most plants need water with a pH scale level around 6–6.5. you’ll be able to regulate the acidity of your water with solutions found at your native hardware, garden or aquicultural store.
  2. Oxygen – Betting on your aquicultural setup, you’ll either ought to leave the area between the bottom of your plant and therefore the water reservoir, or you’ll ought to oxygenize your instrumentality that you’ll be able to accomplish by shopping for an airstone or putting in a vacuum pump.
  3. Root Support – Even supposing you don’t want soil, your plant’s roots still would like a touch one thing to carry on to. Typical materials embody vermiculite, perlite, peat moss, coconut fiber, and rockwool. keep one’s hands off from materials which may compact (like sand) or that don’t retain any wet (like gravel).
  4. Nutrients – Your plant goes to wish lots of metal, phosphorus, calcium, and alternative nutrients to remain healthy and productive. 
  5. Light – If you’re growing your plants inside, you may have to be compelled to invest in some special lighting. Every quiet plant can have a distinct form of demand for the number of sunshine it desires.

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Advantages of Hydroponic

  1. No involvement of soil
  2. Maximum Use of farm land
  3. Complete Control Over Climatic conditions
  4. Saves Water More than 90% compared to traditional farming
  5. Use of Nutrients 
  6. pH level can be controlled
  7. Fast Growth Rate compared to traditional farming
  8. Zero chances of Weed 
  9. Fewer Pesticides, Insecticides and Herbicide Involved
  10. Time-Saving Process
  11. Relieves Stress
  12. Require less labor
  13. Produces higher Quality Food

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