What is Nursery?


Nursery is a place where planting material such as seed, saplings, etc., are grown and nurtured under favourable conditions for plantation. In a nursery, plants are nurtured by providing them with better conditions to ensure germination. 

A nursery plant center offers its customers all types of plants including local (native), imported and exotic. Nurseries must be equipped with all kinds of horticulture requirements such as all sorts of plant seeds, soil mix, fertilizers, insecticides, garden chemicals, garden tools etc.

Nursery location may be predetermined based on investment and availability of demand. An open area is all that requires to start a plant nursery. Location of nursery should be near to significant cities and townships, transportation, accessibility to work and easy for future expansion. 

Nursery has to be nutrient-rich soil and good water resources. Nursery should have a soil and water drainage system and soil should be free from pathogens.

The sole purpose of all nurseries is to provide seeds, plants or trees to gardens, farms, agriculture, forestry and for conservation.

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Advantages of Nursery

  1. It is potential to grow and maintain an outsized variety of plants per unit space.
  2. Small and costly hybrid seeds will be nurtured additional effectively thanks to higher care and management.
  3. When seeds are planted in seedbeds, their germination share will increase and therefore the vigour of the seedlings also improves.
  4. The management of seedlings will be worn out a much better manner with minimum care, value and maintenance because the nursery space is little.
  5. Manipulation of conditions for plants becomes straightforward.
  6. Better and uniform crop growth will be obtained within the main field by choosing healthy seedlings.
  7. Off-season sowing of seeds becomes potential, that ultimately leads to taking additional returns.
  8. The seed demand of nursery raised crops is a smaller amount as compared to direct seed sowing of an equivalent crop thanks to higher management.
  9. Sowing seeds during a nursery permits overtime for doing propaedeutic tillage within the main farm. gathering of the previous crop also can be prolonged, if needed.
  10. Management of insect-pests, diseases and weeds is simple during a nursery.
  11. Chances of Mortality or injury due to shock of lifting and transportation of seedlings is negligible thanks to less distance between the nursery and actual planting site.
  12. Initial investment during a temporary nursery is a smaller amount as compared to a permanent one.
  13. Greater variety of planting stocks like seedlings, grafted plants, nonmoving cuttings, etc., are offered.
  14. Being permanent in nature, it becomes a perpetual supply for the availability of planting material for several years.
  15. Being targeted at one place, its direction and management is healthier thanks to the availability of permanent employees.
  16. The initial cost is cheap however profits go up within the end of the day.

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