What is Pearl Farming


Freshwater pearl farming is the process of growing freshwater cultured pearls on a farm. Pearl farming is one the best aquaculture businesses in India, as pearls have excellent demand in the local as well as export markets. In commercial pearl farming projects, the first year investment will be more as you need a fixed asset set up. You can assume ¾ to a 1-acre, the cost of the pearl project would be around 4 lakh rupees approximately. When it comes to profits in commercial pearl farming projects, you can expect 50 to 60 % under ideal aquaculture management practices. However, if you put more dedication and hard work into the project, even 100 % profit is possible.

There are mainly three types of pearls.

  1. Natural Pearls
  2. Artificial pearls
  3. Cultured Pearls 

Points to consider before starting a commercial pearl farming project.

  1. First and foremost, pearl farming business is a long-term project, you should dedicate time and hard work along with initial investment to set up the pearl farming project.
  2. You must choose a secured site/location for setting up a commercial pearl farming project. It should be free from predators, floods and other threats.
  3. You must have a good source of oysters to culture in the pond.
  4. You must have some skills of grafting techniques in pearl culture as this is essential for commercial pearl farming projects. You can visit nearby pearl farms to learn these tips of freshwater pearl culture.
  5. Finally, you should establish a good marketing channel to sell the pearls produced on your farm.
  6. You must prepare a pearl Farming business plan which includes all the financial aspects of the farm from buying mussels to marketing pearls.

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Advantage of Pearl Farming


Advantages of Pearl Farming

  1. Pearl farming is eco friendly. Being Filter feeder oysters purify the water.
  2. Shellfish farming provides habitat for fish and improves species diversity.
  3. Reduces turbidity, Improves light penetration, Improves water quality reduces anoxia and nitrification.
  4. A single oyster clears over 15 gallons of water a day, retaining particles as small as 2 micron.
  5. It accumulates heavy metals from the water, and removes harmful pollutants as well.

The pearl farming supports tourism promotion since the pearl farm technology and the end product is of interest to tourists. This industry promotes foreign exchange earnings to the country. And promises tremendous employment generation for youngsters that play an important role in socio-economic development.

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